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Special Events + Business Intelligence = Success

Posted by thesportscalendar on January 30, 2010

A good friend asked for a favor as she was preparing for another special event.  She works for a non-profit group and somehow, nearly single-handedly puts together terrific events and raises thousands of dollars as part of her job responsibilities.

She is currently  in the final stages of planning another event this week and called me for a bit of resource assistance.  My friend received a couple of tickets for an Anaheim Ducks game as a silent auction item and wanted to know if I had items that could enhance the presentation.

Of course I did.  I got a hockey stick and T-shirt with the team logo over to her to help dress up the presentation.

We got to speaking about the weekend’s festivities and she said that she was expecting some 250 people for the 3rd annual fundraising event.  This was an increase, she noted, of more than 100 people more than a year ago.

“Why such a difference?” I inquired.

“I don’t know,” she admitted.  “I think it is because of the time of year and the day we chose a year ago.”

Therein lies the challenge.  People who put on special events, from my experience concentrate on the planning and execution.  Here is the secret.  Special Events + Business Intelligence = Success.

Putting on the event is only part of the job.  To learn more, follow the story to


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