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A Busy January for Sports

Posted by thesportscalendar on January 4, 2010

Are you “football’d out?”

After a plethora of college and football games in the last week, my guess is, now that you have returned back to work and the remaining schedule might have escaped your thoughts, outside of the BCS National Championship Football game on Thursday this week, between Texas and Alabama.  Once I got to work this morning, I started to look at the schedule and noticed, starting tonight, there are still a number of football games including one every night between now and Thursday.

You have the 39th Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, the Fed Ex Orange Bowl and the GMAC Bowl leading up to Thursday’s championship game.

So that got me to thinking.  How bust of a January do we have in sports?  I went to my sports schedule and did a little checking…..

I have counted 29 major sports events in January alone.  This includes the NFL playoffs, Australian Open, Baseball Hall of Fame related events and a sports related business conference towards the end of the month.  That’s just the sports side.  I also used to check major technology and entertainment events for the month and, we begin this new decade, everyone seems in a hurry to hold a major event in January.

What I did note though, and something that is pretty well-known is that Tuesday and Wednesday are the slower days for events in any given month.  January being no exception.  Of course there are college basketball games and other events, but as a whole, they do not make the schedule since they are not considered national in significance.

In any case, enjoy your viewing!


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