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Who Knew? Valentine’s Day is for Sports Lovers

Posted by thesportscalendar on February 3, 2010

I am guessing that people who schedule sporting events must look at a Calendar now and then, no?  When sporting events cross with mainstream events, it sometimes gets interesting.

Valentine’s day, February 14th is coming up and some of the common characteristics associated with this special day include a romantic dinner, maybe long stem red roses, some chocolate and maybe even a wedding proposal.  Now, be honest, how many of you would have thought of Valentine’s day = sporting event(s)?

I went to the Sports Calendar Bible, better known as and wanted to know who planned major sporting events for V-day.  How many significant others would be upset at this “conflict of interest.”

The following are events researched and listed and happen to fall on Valentine’s Day.

*  The Winter Olympics from Vancouver

* The Daytona 500

* The NBA All-Star Game

These are the big events but I am sure there are most regional events in your area.  What were they thinking?  It may have coincidence falling on a weekend this year, thus the conflict, buy who knew that Valentine’s day is for Sports lovers?

Whatever the case, I have seen enough wedding proposals at sporting events to know that lovers are found all over.  Even at sporting events.


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