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Bowl’d Over, Finally

Posted by thesportscalendar on January 7, 2010

Tonight is it.  The final of the 956 annual college football bowl games leading up to the BCS championship between the University of Alabama and the University of Texas.

This game decides who will be named national champion, unless of course you hail from Boise State and you want to be considered in the same sandbox.  I have heard some media reports that Boise, who finished the season 14-0, could be named #1 in the next fall’s pre-season college football poll.

TV ratings are expected to be high, social media sites like Twitter will surely have thousands of folks posting messages about every other play in the game.

Most special events, outside of the Mega technology event based in Las Vegas CES have hopefully stayed away from planning any sort of event that conflicts with tonight’s game.

otherwise, be prepared for TV’s being rolled out somewhere or many folks checking their smart phones to get score updates.


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